The F-106 was an all-weather fighter-interceptor. Developed from the F-102, it uses a guidance and fire control system that was capable of automatically flying the aircraft into an attack position, firing the weapons (missiles and rockets only), then returning the aircraft to its home base. Our F-106 is the first production model built by Convair and is on loan from the USAF Museum. The F-106 was flown at Selfridge by the 71 FIS & 94 FIS (USAF) from 60-69 and by the 171 FIS (MI ANG) from 73 -78.

Wingspan: 38 3 Engine: J-75-P17

Length: 70 9 Thrust: 24,500#

Height: 20 3 Speed: 1,525 mph

Weight: 38,350# 1st Flight: 1957